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Today is:
Tuesday, August 22, anno domini 2017
Julian day 2457988
Yom shelishi, 29 Av, anno mundi 5777
Spandarmad ruz, Shahrewar mah, Fasli year 1387
1 Bhadrapada, 2095 Saka era
Mesra 15, anno martyrum 1733
Yom ittalat, 29 Dhu'l-qu'da, anno Hegira 1438
Jalál, Asmá 2, 169 Badí era
Mesori 16, 6338 era of Nabonassar
Ante diem V idus Augustus, 2770 ab urbe condita
11 Kan 1 Yaxkin
Saumon, Quintidi, 5 Fructidor, year 227 of the Revolution
Harrison, Jeudi, 10 Gutenberg, year 229 of Positivism
Tuesday, August 10, 2017 by the Cotsworth calendar
Isilya, Urimë 21 (Orithil, Urui 21), New Reckoning
Sterday, Wedmath 29, Shire Reckoning
Prickle-Prickle, Bureaucracy 15, YOLD 3183

Okay, we know you didn't come here just to sit through pictures of my cats or hear about my mundane life. (Well, if you really want to, you can look at my résumé).

So, what's there to see here? Well, the latest project is The Akashic Record, a Harry Potter reference, and various associated pages (see its links page for other stuff on this site.)

In the cobweb section, someday to be refurbished and updated, we have my MST3K pages and a small Whad'Ya Know? site. There's also "Languages: How to Shoot Yourself in the Foot", a bit of silliness whose original author is long since forgotten, and a MOO.

Obligatory pile of semi-random links

Petréa Mitchell