Everything You Wanted to Know About "Whad'Ya Know?" But Couldn't Find a Web Page About

I originally created these pages because, in all of the Web, I couldn't find a single page dedicated to my favorite radio show. But now that

The official site

...has opened, and it's entertaining, reasonably all-browser-accessible, and highly informative, which means that a bunch of the material that was here has become redundant and been removed. What remains is:

I need to change the title of this page, too. Any suggestions?

What the heck is Whad'Ya Know?

It's a two-hour comedy radio show which includes, among other things: guest interviews; a quiz that, in the words of The Oregonian's Pete Schulberg, "takes Trivial Pursuit to a new, dangerous level"; a salute to a randomly chosen town somewhere in the US; and some things for which no explanation is really adequate, such as the Norwegian Dance Mix. It's broadcast live (in the Central and Eastern time zones, at least), with an equally live studio audience, which for some reason often features an unusually high number of geologists.

WYK? originates (except on road trips) from the lecture hall on the fourth floor of the Monona Terrace Convention Center in Madison, Wisconsin. It airs in most parts of the US and may also be on in some parts of Europe.


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