About the pictures

or, "Why I'm Surprised So Many of These Pictures Look This Good"

Most of these pictures were taken under adverse lighting conditions. The camera I used was non-SLR (translation: the viewfinder doesn't have the same line of sight as the lens), resulting in a couple pictures with one side cut off.

The photos were scanned and cropped with Adobe Photoshop, which in the fine tradition of Adobe software felt compelled to crash its host machine a certain number of times per day. Once saved, they were Fetch-ed to my NYU account and then handed over to FTP for the torturous journey out of NYU-NET to this site.

I originally saved the images as JPEGs because Photoshop claimed to be unable to save them as GIFs; I later found out it was lying and rescanned the JPEG images, but a couple GIFs were lost in transit and so I've left the JPEG versions here for you.

Sometime soon I plan to get my Con reminiscence pages finished so you can find out what the hell was going on. In the meantime, here ya go...

 9328 autograph.jpeg  The hat was never explained
29671 barbbb.gif  juliewa's heir
22200 bigbrain.gif  Relation? Maybe not...
27903 bill.gif  Bill Corbett greets his subjects
32617 bioken.gif  Ken "BioKen" Frauwirth
33145 board.gif  Postcards from the USENET room
20782 brains1.gif  Scanning for the next question
25389 brenda.gif  Brenda Seraphina Olson-Forrester and a friend
31066 button.gif  Chris French demonstrates button-pushing technique
20266 chirpy.gif  Mike "Chirpy the Mutant Hellbeast" Barklage
47458 cismsties.gif  Who knows what happened
30278 crow-tom.gif  Crow and Tom at the SoL set
20134 cybermuffin.gif  Cybermuffin
26864 deep13.gif  What do you think?
22321 diary.gif  Gypsy's diary
52710 diarymain.gif  Larger version
50593 downtown.gif  Beautiful downtown Minneapolis
44591 ed.gif  Ed Dravecky, hounder of autographs
20769 eden.gif  A quiet, unassuming business park...
41093 eight-felix.gif  Chris French and Lucy Huntzinger, semi-mundane mode
28074 fanart.gif  What happens to all those drawings you send in
41630 felix.gif  Lucy Huntzinger, MOO queen
37605 gizmonic1.gif  The latest fashion in jumpsuits
35298 gizmonic2.gif  And more
22515 gypsy.gif  Gypsy at the SoL set
48783 gypsymain.gif  Larger version
63074 hi-book.gif  Kelly "Hikeeba" Donoghue and Sarah "bookworm" Heiner
24748 hodges.gif  Claye Hodges and dad
42541 ikaros.gif  ikaros, master of mini golf
40334 jamie.gif  Jamie Plummer
38915 jcpenney.gif  The other convention
19316 jess.gif  Jess "I'm huge!" Nevins
14896 jim.gif  Jim Mallon, hoping the weirdo with the camera keeps her distance
20500 jimmain.gif  Larger version
21471 juliewa.gif  The elusive juliewa, checking on everyone at an autograph session
24197 juliewa-co.gif  Always making time for fans
21384 kisses1.gif  For me? What's this?
19357 kisses2.gif  Oh my gosh!
20416 kisses3.gif  It's really, um, nice...
39061 kisses5.gif  Why did we agree to this, again?
31325 kitchen.gif  The non-writers' kitchen
17772 lisa.gif  Lisa "AgentJ" Jenkins
27650 mailbox.gif  Yup, this is the place
19940 malibujulie.gif  If you don't like the way she drives, stay out of the hallway
50279 manos.gif  Chris French and Lucy Huntzinger
23667 martin.gif  Martin Manley
54496 master.gif  Chris French as The Master
27337 mikepearce.gif  Mike Pearce, schedule god
36028 mikestand.gif  Mike Nelson stares down a competitor to wild applause
38332 mikey.gif  Mikey "Dreamy" Sphar, sans matches
44520 nocc.gif  First sighting of an icon that became popular
22018 notrace.gif  A tribute to two wonderful characters
15124 notraceclose.gif  Closeup of same
41166 papercut.gif  Doug "PaperCut Man" Lathrop
22760 pat.gif  Pat Gomes
20741 penny-crow-tom.gif  Penny Hutchinson's MST3K jacket, front
22686 penny-gypsy.gif  Back of jacket
 8093 penny-mike.gif  The jacket onstage
15998 rangers.gif  Julie Walker's Texas Rangers
41501 sampo.gif  Chris "Sampo" Cornell, crack journalist
17686 scary.gif  The scariest costume at the ball
23792 shrine.gif  The resting place of the Peabody Award
24963 silhouettes.gif  And there was another group, too
33436 sol.gif  Das set
20140 stumped.gif  Good question... hmm...
24437 tapes.gif  [209] _Hellcats_ and a volunteer instruction flier
31391 tibby.gif  Everyone's favorite turtle drops by
17748 todd.gif  Todd Gilbert
23033 tomsalyers.gif  Tom Salyers
27056 tourguy.gif  He gave a studio tour, so he must be important
41836 tsd.gif  Tammy Stephanie "Normal View" Davis
35959 umbiliport.gif  Closeup of the Umbiliport
23254 unknown01.gif  Unknown familiar person #1
18625 unknown02.gif  Unknown familiar person #2
18216 unknown03.gif  Unknown familiar person #3
25196 unknown04.gif  Unknown familiar person #4
23116 vcr.gif  The 3/4" VCR of Doom
 7417 winner.gif  Your 1996 costume champion!
48361 zorak.gif  Spencer "Zorak" Sun of early Voyager MSTings

Petréa Mitchell

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