The Crouch Memorial Language Institute

Harry Potter Words in 27 Languages and Counting

Hello, bonjour, aloha, and <grunt>! Welcome to the Institute. Here we maintain a Harry-Potter-related translation database to further international understanding in a way of which Bartemius Crouch, Sr. would have approved. In keeping with the principles of our late endower, our motto is: Linguistics by any means necessary.

You can enter the database in three ways:

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Most of the language pages have been compiled from decoding Harry Potter fan Web sites. While these sites are acknowledged on the appropriate pages, please keep in mind that they are unaware of this site, and any errors are entirely the fault of this site's author. Corrections and comments are welcomed. If you would like to add some words, check out the submission guidelines.

Etymologies of the English words and much more can be found in The Akashic Record, and updates will be found in the Record's update page. Finally, the Institute would like to give a nod to Omniglot, an alphabet resource which was a great help with nearly every language you will see here.

Petréa Mitchell